Wii shortage turns attention to Chinese "Vii"

  • Beijing (China) - China is known for creating pirated versions of DVDs and even video games, but now it is also the home of a cheap version of an entire gaming console.

    James Wong takes the credit for inventing the strikingly similar-looking Wii clone.  In addition to making the console look very realistic, Wong has created a "Vii" remote that also mimics its Wii counterpart.

    In addition, the Vii comes with "Vii Sports" as well as Vii channels similar to the ones offered on the Wii.  It also comes with a knock-off of Cooking Mama, and another bowling game.

    The Chinese rip-off first showed up earlier this year but has gained more attention as the holiday season approaches, and Nintendo still faces production problems with the Wii.

    The Vii is currently being sold at an online Chinese retailer for 986 yuan ($125).