Xbox 360 firmware update goes live

  • Redmond (WA) - The Xbox 360's fall Dashboard update is now available, highlighting the new ability to download original Xbox games.

    The update is available to Xbox 360 users today.  The main addition to the console's feature list is the ability to download classic Xbox titles, much like the Wii's Virtual Console and the Playstation 3's Playstation Store.

    Additionally, the "Xbox Live Arcade Hits" program officially launches, creating a lower-tier price point for legacy Xbox Live Arcade titles.  Users will also now receive news feeds on their Xbox 360 Dashboard, showing things like new game releases and updates to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    A couple new additions to Xbox Live account profiles also come with the update.  Users have the option of adding an "extended bio" to their account pages.  Also, users will have access to seeing the friends list of other users to facilitate social networking.

    A couple other features include full-screen previews for movie downloads, "family timer" settings, and new buttons on the Dashboard to go directly to things like the Xbox Live Arcade and the Video Marketplace.