Playstation 3 Home beta update details released

  • London (England) - Version 0.7.7 of the PS3's online community Home is now available, although the software program is still restricted to people who have received an invite from Sony.

    According to Sony's semi-official blog Three Speech, the new build is available for beta testers to download.  Among the new features are the ability to use custom pictures for "Home Space" decor and independent servers for the US, Europe, and Japan.

    Additionally, there is a new building, "although it's currently one that can't be entered," according to the blog.  Also, users can go outside of their Home Space to an outdoor patio.  There is also a new option to launch games from within Home, but it is reportedly not working as it should.  Finally, in the Home Theater, movie screens are now on the first floor instead of the second floor.

    Home was originally supposed to launch in its final form earlier this year, but at E3 in May Sony officially pushed it back to an unspecified date in 2008.

    Beta testers will be asked to update their version of Home the next time they access it on their PS3.  There have been more than half a dozen updates since the beta's first big expansion this summer.