Playstation Store updates early with Rock Band tracks, PS Eye games

  • Culver City (CA) - Sony doled out its weekly Playstation Store update a couple days ahead of time, adding the first wave of new Rock Band songs and two new Playstation Eye titles.

    This week's additions marked the first pair of titles compatible with the PS3 camera since its release earlier this month.  Aquatopia, which is available for around $2, is just a virtual fish tank that looks like something that would be on a computer screen saver.  The background is transparent, though, so users can use the PS Eye as an overlay to essentially appear inside the aquarium.  It is really nothing more than a basic tech demo.

    The other game is Operation Creature Feature, which acts a lot like Eyetoy Play, the title that came packed in with the PS2's camera a few years ago.  Users control the game by using hand motions to complete various obstacles, such as moving a group of creatures from the beginning of a round to the goal.

    Also included this week are several new songs to play with in Rock Band, the ambitious rhythm game that came out yesterday for the PS3 and Xbox 360.  It lets players jam out tunes with up to two guitars, a drum set, and a microphone simultaneously.  New tracks in the PS Store update include The Knack's My Sharona, Metallica's Ride the Lightning, and Foreigner's Juke Box Hero.

    Other major updates this week include an expansion pack to the downloadable game Flow and a Need For Speed Collector's Edition upgrade.

    The Playstation Store is usually updated on Thursdays but Sony pushed out this week's additions early because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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