Wii regains sales lead in October

  • Port Washington (NY) - Halo 3 gave the Xbox 360 a huge spike in September, but last month the Wii took its place back as the top-selling console in the US.

    According to NPD Group's latest figures, the Wii sold 519,000 units last month, an 18,000 unit jump over September's sales.  The Playstation 3 also saw an increase, though barely even margineable.  121,000 PS3 units were sold in October, compared to 119,000 in September.

    The Xbox 360 was the only home console to fall from September, and it did so in a big way.  September sales for the 360 were 527,800 units.  That put it ahead of the Wii, which had previously been on an 8-month run as the top-selling system.

    However, last month Xbox 360 sales settled back down to 366,000 units.  Playstation 2 sales in October were 184,000 units, while the PSP and DS came in with 286,000 units and 458,000 units, respectively.

    Halo 3 remained the top-selling game, even though it already sold 3.3 million copies in September.  In October, it raked in unit sales of 433,800.  Rounding out the top five games were Guitar Hero III for the Xbox 360 (383,200), Guitar Hero III for the Wii (286,300), Guitar Hero III for the PS2 (271,100), and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS (262,800).  The PS3 version of Guitar Hero III was the only one not to make it in the top 10 last month.