Best Buy reportedly faking Wii shortages

  • Pinceton (NJ) - Best Buy's latest tactic is apparently to announce the availability of "the last Wii" at multiple sporadic times throughout the day to create a false sense of limited supply.

    The Consumerist has posted a story from John, a Best Buy customer from Princeton, NJ.  He wrote that on November 10, he was at the store when an employee came out of the back door, holding a Wii over his head saying it was the last one they had and was available on a first-come first-served basis.

    He continues, "About 30 minutes later, I heard this announcement on the store's PA: 'Attention Best Buy customers! Julie is now walking through the store with our last Nintendo Wii! If you're looking for a Nintendo Wii, please look for Julie!' And there was another salesperson doing the same thing as the first - walking the aisles of the store holding the Wii above her head."

    John's story goes even further, describing a conversation between a manager and an employee deciding to "wait 40 minutes and send out the next one."

    Since the launch of the Wii last November, the console's supply has failed to meet demand, and customers are still usually unable to find one without advance planning.

    Nintendo corporate vice president Reggie Fils-Aime has also gone on record as saying the Wii supply will be stringent throughout the 2007 holiday season.