Spider-Man 3 sets record for Sony Blu-ray

  • Hollywood (CA) - Over 130,000 copies of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray Disc were sold in its first week, marking a new record for a Sony Pictures title.

    Spider-Man 3 smashed nearly every opening box office record when it hit theaters this summer, and now the high-def release of the movie has had the best first week sales of any Sony title on Blu-ray.

    The Blu-ray version of the movie sold an estimated 130,000 copies in the first days following its release last week.  That more than triples Sony's own record of 40,000, set by Casino Royale earlier this year.

    Warner's epic film 300 still holds the all-time record, selling an estimated 165,000 Blu-ray copies in the release week.  When added to HD DVD sales of the same movie and same week, 300 on high-def discs scored 250,000 unit sales in one week.

    Sony says those 130,000 copies do not include sales of the new 40 GB Playstation 3, which come bundled with Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray.  The high-def movie has a list price of around $45, and is also available in a complete Spider-Man trilogy pack, which carries a $100 MSRP.