Sony pumps Playstation 3 firmware to version 2.0

  • Culver City (CA) - Today marks one of the biggest updates yet for the PS3, bringing a handful of new features to the console.

    One of the most anticipated functions to come with the update is the added "remote power control" feature to the PSP's Remote Play.  Users will now be able to use their PSP to turn their PS3 on and off while anywhere in the world, so long as they have an Internet connection.

    Additionally, users will be able to create customized "themes" for the PS3 main menu.  In addition to choosing their own background images, users will now be able to customize icons in the menu.  Additionally, an update to the music and video playback sections will allow the creation of custom playlists.

    The main menu also gets a new category titled "Playstation Network".  This won't change the online features offered, but it will provide a more convenient area to access the main Internet-powered services.

    One more update is an "information board" added to the main menu.  Sony will use this space to update users on information about the PS3, upcoming games, or any other announcements.