MTV games unit brings exclusive title to iPod

  • Los Angeles (CA) - MTV Networks released its latest music game this week, but instead of using fancy guitar controllers, it uses the iPod's click wheel.

    "Phase" comes on the heels of a new iTunes store update, and is one of the first additions to the digital store's game selection in several weeks.

    The main concept in Phase is the same as virtually all other rhythm games - follow on-screen beats and push buttons at the right time to maximize the score.

    Specifically, players use the iPod click wheel to catch notes that move across the screen.  Users must update their version of iTunes to the latest build, version 7.5.

    This update includes a feature called "Phase Music", which allows users to create a special playlist for the Phase game.  In other words, absolutely any song can be used in the game, which is certainly the most unique aspect of it.

    The game is available now from iTunes for around $5.