Nintendo updates Wii Virtual Console with Halloween mix

  • Redmond (WA) - Nintendo's additions to the Wii's digital download platform this week are all devoted to "Hallo-Wiin", including the first non-fighting Neogeo game for the Virtual Console.

    The original NES's Castlevania II: Simon's Quest kicks off the list, adding to an existing collection of Castlevania titles already available on the Wii VC.

    Also available is Magician Lord from the Neogeo, the latest system to be added to the Nintendo store.  It is only the fourth Neogeo title on the platform, and the first one that is not a strict side-scrolling fighting game.

    Rounding out the Halloween week is Samurai Ghost, originally seen on the Turbografx-16 console, and not well known outside of Japan.

    Castlevania II is available for 500 Wii Points ($5), with Samurai Ghost priced at 600 Wii Points ($6) and Magician Lord at 900 Wii Points ($9).

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