Gran Turismo 5 players to have access to Top Gear TV show

  • London (England) - Sony has struck a deal with the car-centric TV show Top Gear and BBC Worldwide to bring exclusive material to the anticipating PS3 racing game Gran Turismo 5.

    As part of the deal, users will be able to access a dedicated channel from the Playstation Network inside GT5 that will contain an initial collection of 40 episodes of Top Gear.  Additionally, gamers will be able to seek out racing news and other special features produced by the same team.

    As the final part of the integration with the show, game developers have decided to include a special test track that was originally shown as an exclusive tech demo on Top Gear inside Gran Turismo 5.

    Playstation 3 owners can download a playable concept demo of Gran Turismo for free from the online Playstation Store.  GT5 has not been given any kind of solid release date, and right now is slated for a US debut some time next year.