Judge Judy berates World of Warcraft player

  • Los Angeles (CA) – You know World of Warcraft has hit the main stream when television legal eagle Judge Judy hears a case about the popular game.  But while many of the people in her courtroom knew about the game, the Judge, and her bailiff, had no clue the game existed.

    In the case, an unemployed woman sued her former live-in boyfriend for back rent.  It turns out that the former boyfriend lost his job and the plaintiff alleges that he couldn’t get another job because he was obsessed with World of Warcraft.

    Both the plaintiff and defendant had to repeat “World of Warcraft” several times to the judge, but she still didn’t recognize the game.  Of course we can’t really fault Judge Judy as she spends all of her time in the courtroom and not in front of a computer.

    Unfortunately the YouTube video clip ended before the case was decided, but we’ll research further to see who won.