Guitar Hero gets distinction in iTunes

  • Cupertino (CA) - The Guitar Hero video game series has been instrumental in breathing more life into classic rock, and as such it is now part of a features collection on iTunes.

    The game's publisher Activision worked with Apple and with several record companies to bring the entire Guitar Hero collection to the online music store in a more organized fashion.

    Most of the songs were already available on iTunes, but the repackaging of them in a single soundtrack placement makes individual tracks more noticeable for fans of the game series.

    Guitar Hero was first released on the Playstation 2 a few years ago, and the franchise has evolved to become one of the most popular rhythm game series and earned a place in popular culture.

    Over 1300 tracks are part of the collection, though obviously most of them are packed in as complements to the overall music genre and not actually included in a specific Guitar Hero game.  The affiliation with the game shows that it has sort of defined a specific genre of rock music, which is atypical for a video game series.

    Guitar Hero III is set for release next week on the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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