White Noise sequel goes directly to HD DVD

  • Burbank (CA) - Universal will skip a theatrical release for White Noise: The Light and instead bring it directly to DVD and HD DVD early next year.

    Universal, which has a personal stake in HD DVD, has decided to pull the plug on the movie theater phase of the upcoming film.  It was originally planned to be available in theaters next year.

    Instead, it will come out immediately to home video, including an HD DVD release sitting alongside the standard DVD.  It is one of a select few movies to make its debut on a high definition format.

    The film will be available January 8, and the HD DVD version is set to retail for around $40.  The same day, the HD DVD release of the original White Noise will also hit store shelves.

    Universal has announced that the HD DVD will contain exclusive supplemental material, including Web-compatible menu options.  Full details are still under wraps.