E for All Expo is a ghost town

  • Los Angeles (CA) – Getting a front row parking space is a minor miracle at most convention centers, but that just isn’t possible at the Los Angeles Convention Center… or is it?  We’re just finishing up the first day at the new E for All game expo and this place is just a ghost town.  Unlike the insane E3 Expo of previous years, the convention center lobby, press room and registration lines are empty.

    The exhibit hall does have a few dozen companies, but the big names like Sony and Microsoft have skipped the event.  The lobby is virtually empty except for some media folks running around with Mini DV camcorders and a mural painter developing her latest masterpiece on the lobby floor.

    Even the press room is empty and it’s easy to find a free computer or seat.  Heck you could take up a whole table without any problems.  It’s just that empty.
    There are some people in the exhibit halls, but at this moment E for All is like a hospital patient needing a defibrillator.  To be fair, this was the first day of the new conference and regular attendees aren’t allowed in until later – a handful of eager game fanatics did patiently wait outside for the 3 PM general opening.  Perhaps things will pick up on the weekend because they certainly can’t get any worse.

    I drove 10 miles from Culver City and spent $12 in parking for this?  At least the press room Internet is fast.