Unreal Tournament 3 Beta demo unleashed today

  • Chicago (IL) - Midway announced today that the beta demo version of Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC will be available this afternoon.

    Gamers are able to get a taste of the anticipated first-person shooter, with two different deathmatch maps and a vehicle capture-the-flag map.  HeatRay, a night-time urban setting, and ShangriLa, a sunny tranquil map, will be available for deathmatches.

    Meanwhile, an arena called "Suspense" will host the one capture-the-flag preview.  The game is set for a release on the PC for this holiday season, followed by a Playstation 3 version.

    Gamers will be able to download the beta demo beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time today, from FilePlanet.com