Sony spills more info on Playstation Eye

  • Foster City (CA) - Sony has given more details about its ambitious Playstation Eye, the spiritual successor to the PS2's novelty EyeToy.

    In the official Playstation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment producer Sarah Stocker gave additional info about the elusive PS3 camera peripheral.

    According to Stocker, the Playstation Eye will have a two-setting zoom lens for normal and wide angle, and will have automatic focus.  Additionally, it will be able to capture pictures at 60 frames per second with 640x480 resolution.

    Like the EyeToy, it will also include a microphone and can be used for audio/video messaging.  The EyeToy was mainly limited to minor interactions and basic control functions fo casual games, such as in the EyeToy: Play mini-game compilations or Dance Dance Revolution.

    Sony plans to use the Eye in more professional applications as well, such as video recording and editing software for the PS3.  Stocker said it will also be incorporated in games like Singstar and Eye of Judgment, as well as downloadable Playstation Network games that are in the pipeline.

    Though used as an eye-catcher in Sony's 2006 E3 press conference, the company made no reference to the Eye at all during this year's E3.  Accordingly, little info has been deluged, despite the fact that it is slated for a launch less than two weeks away on October 23.

    The Playstation Eye will carry a retail price of around $40.