Paramount confirms 30+ HD DVD titles for next year

  • Hollywood (CA) - The only major studio to convert to HD DVD exclusivity, Paramount has announced that it aready has more than 30 titles prepared for the format in 2008.

    While this is not a huge increase over the studio's production this year, it reinforces its support for HD DVD.  Earlier this year, Paramount decided to move exclusively to the Toshiba-fronted format.  Previously the studio had been an adamant supporter of both HD DVD and Blu-ray.

    Paramount did not announce specific titles, but Home Media Magazine reports that it is well prepared to pump out a significant line-up for HD DVD, including films from subsidiary Dreamworks, which is included in the HD DVD exclusivity deal.

    The news shows a confirmatory side of loyalty for the format, which has taken second fiddle to Blu-ray.  For the holiday season, Blockbuster and Target will have no shelf space devoted to HD DVD but will promote their respective stock of Blu-ray players and movies.

    However, the vehement support from Paramount and Universal, which has a vested interest in the format, has made it difficult for Blu-ray to outright drown HD DVD.

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