Sony renews Playstation 3 with lower capacity, new color

  • Tokyo (Japan) - Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that it will launch a new PS3 later this year with a 40 GB hard drive, which will also be available in ceramic white.

    The new PS3 will kick off with the lowest initial MSRP for the console in Japan, priced at around 40,000 yen ($345).  The new model will bring with it a new HDD capacity, 40 GB, as well as a new color.  The latest PS3 will be available in "ceramic white".

    It will the first official mass-produced PS3 to be a different color than Sony's traditional "clear black" finish.  The 40 GB model will also come in that standard color.

    Japan has received countless color variations of the PS2 and PSP that never made their way to the US.  This is typical for the video game market, so it is not immediately assumable that the white console will make its way to the US.

    Also unknown right now is if the 40 GB model will be available stateside.  So far it has been announced for Europe, Australia, and parts of Africa and Asia.  Currently in the US the only model in production is an 80 GB unit, though 60 GB consoles are still healthily in stock around the country.  The 40 GB unit will be the fourth capacity choice for Sony with the PS3 hard drive.

    The new model will be available in both colors in Japan on November 11.

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