Update: Slim PSP surpasses sales of old PSP in Japan

  • Tokyo (Japan) - The recently redesigned version of the PSP has already sold 580,000 units in Japan, more than all the sales of the original PSP since its 2004 launch.

    Last month Sony released a new slimmer version of the PSP, which has been unofficially dubbed the "PSP Slim" or "PSP Lite".  It also has the ability to connect to a TV, and according to Sony has a slightly better processor than the original model.

    In just two weeks in Japan, the new handheld sold more than 580,000 units.  The original PSP launched in the region during December 2004 and despite roaring holiday sales its inaugural weeks saw fewer sales than the new model.

    The slim version of the PSP is also available in the US and Europe.

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