Playstation 3 store adds game tutorial videos

  • Foster City (CA) - Sony has taken the PS3's digital download capability to a platform no other console has tried yet - video tutorials.

    This week's regular update to the Playstation Store includes two tutorial videos.  One shows users key control play calling in the basketball game NBA 08.  The other is a tutorial for Eye of Judgment.

    It is the latest in a series of firsts for the online PS3 portal.  Though it may not carry the same name recognition as Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade/Video Marketplace or the Wii's Virtual Console, the Playstation Store has made headway in digital downloads.

    When Namco uploaded Tekken 5 to the Playstation Store, it was the largest game download of its kind.  Then Sony outdid that with the digital release of Warhawk, a full-size PS3 game.  Sony also offers two downloadable versions of part of the music in the PS3 game Lair, including an MP3.  The Xbox 360 and Wii both have not matched any of these features.

    Also this week on the Playstation Store is the release of Go Sports Ski for around $3, and demos of The Simpsons and Bladestorm.