Hudson announces first Turbografx-16 CD games for Wii Virtual Console

  • Los Angeles (CA) - Last month, Hudson announced it would bring Turbografx-16 CD titles to the Wii's Virtual Console digital download store, and the first one to come out will be Gate of Thunder.

    The 1992 side-scroller shooter was one of the few real successes of the Turbo CD format, and it will be revived for the first time on the Wii later this month, reports Gamespot.  Joining it will be Super Air Zonk, the second TG-16 CD game announced for the Nintendo console.

    Turbografx-16 CD is the first new platform to be announced for the Virtual Console since the Wii's launch last November.  Currently it also includes NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and Turbografx-16 games.

    The new titles will sell for 800 Wii Points ($8), a slight premium over the 600 Wii Points ($6) Hudson charges for Turbografx-16 games.