Harry Potter collection to be most decorated HD DVD/Blu-ray movie set

  • Hollywood (CA) - A box set slated for release just in time for Christmas will give HD viewers the first five Harry Potter movies at a high price - $150.

    Warner Bros, the last major supporter of both high definition formats, will release "Harry Potter: Years 1 - 5" on Blu-ray and HD DVD later this year.  It is poised to have one of the most impressive box art and bonus material packages in the HD disc market.

    The massive set of contents in the box set

    Each movie will receive new bonus features.  The box, presented in the form of a wizardry book, will also come riddled with physical supplements including film art and specially created Harry Potter literature.

    Both the Blu-ray and HD DVD sets will be available December 11, and both will carry a suggested retail price of around $150.