Logitech pumps out Bluetooth keyboard, headset for PS3

  • Fremont (CA) - Logitech this week launched its first Bluetooth keyboard and headset designed specifically for use with the Playstation 3.

    The Cordless Vantage Headset and Cordless Mediaboard Pro can communicate with the PS3 without any kind of physical connection to the system.  The PS3 has full Bluetooth functionality, which is activated through an option on the console's main menu.

    The Mediaboard has special Playstation buttons, including X, O, square, and triangle.  It also has multimedia controls for music/video playback, and a menu button.

    The headset has native PS3 support, according to Logiech, making syncing especially easy.  From the headset users can adjust the volume.  It is powered with a built-in battery that can run on a single charge for around 12 hours.

    Logitech also has a wireless keyboard and headset designed specifically for the PS3, but they rely on a USB dongle to be plugged in to the console.

    The Mediabord Pro will launch next month for around $80, the same price as Logitech's USB wireless keyboard, and the Vantage Headset will launch in November for the same price.