Wii steals the show again in July while PS3 gains traction

  • Port Washington (NY) - Though the Wii was the runaway winner yet again last month, the more interesting story is that PS3 sales were on an upward swing in July.

    According to the latest NPD figures released today, the Wii was the top-selling console with 425,000 units sold, making July its best month since January.
    The PS3, meanwhile, saw the biggest month-to-month relative unit sales increase of any console so far this year.  159,000 PS3 units were sold in July, compared to June's 98,500.  July marks the most units sold for the PS3 since its debut month of November 2006.  The sales jump is no doubt sparked by a $100 price drop for the 60 GB version of the PS3, which went into effect in early July.

    It was worse news for the Xbox 360.  The only one of the home consoles to have a decrease in sales compared to June, 170,000 of Microsoft's console were sold in the US last month, the second-worst month for the console so far in 2007.

    The handheld market was also in a slight decline.  The DS sold 405,000 units, while Sony's PSP claimed sales of 222,000 units, both of which are lower than their respective numbers for June.

    The top five selling games for July, in order, were NCAA Football 08 (Xbox 360), Guitar Hero: 80's (PS2), Wii Play (Wii), NCAA Football 08 (PS2), and Mario Party 8 (Wii).

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