Paramount announces first HD DVD title following exclusivity decision

  • Burbank (CA) - Paramount has announced it will be bringing the 2007 drama "A Mighty Heart" to HD DVD, the first official new movie announcement since the studio opted to back HD DVD exclusively.

    A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman, is scheduled for an HD DVD release date of October 16, the same day it will come out for DVD.  According to Paramount, all bonus features will be presented in 1080p HD resolution.

    Paramount, which previously released films on both Blu-ray and HD DVD, earlier this week announced it would move exclusively to HD DVD, saying, "HD DVD is not only the affordable high quality choice for consumers, but also the smart choice for Paramount."

    Paramount immediately stopped production of Blu-ray Disc versions of movies it had previously released.  The first title to come out of the HD DVD exclusivity agreement will be the Will Ferrell comedy "Blades of Glory", slated for an August 28 release.

    A Mighty Heart will carry a list price of around $40.