Teen nearly kills himself trying to fix overheating Xbox 360

  • Brevard (NC) - A 14-year-old boy was knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital as a result of trying to cool off his Xbox 360 over the weekend.

    According to a local news report, the teen's console would repeatedly shut off every five minutes.  His mother told reporters that he thought the problem was likely linked to overheating.  He reportedly tried to fix it on his own based on tips he found online.

    "When I left to go next door he was playing a game but when I got back he was laying on his back on the floor and unconscious," said the boy's mother.

    Local media reports suggest that the teenager took the power supply, wrapped it in plastic and tape, and submerged it into a bowl of water while it was still plugged in.  This caused an electrical shock and knocked the boy unconscious.

    His mother called 911 and paramedics rushed him to Transylvania Community Hospital in Brevard, North Carolina.  He spent the night there and was treated for minor burns to his right hand and foot.