Heavenly Sword demo heading to PS3 this week

  • Santa Monica (CA) - The anticipated PS3 exclusive hack-and-slash game will be playable to all console owners this week, with a demo of Heavenly Sword slated for the Playstation Store.

    The Sony-produced game puts characters in the role of Nariko, a female ninja who must singlehandedly defeat an evil army and invade the King's temple to rescue her father.

    On the official Playstation Blog, SCEA producer Kyle Shubel, "I’m happy to confirm the reports that we’ll have a downloadable demo coming this week to the PLAYSTATION Store."  The online PS3 download service houses several demos, but many of them are added after the final game is already available.  Heavenly Sword makes its way as the biggest pre-release demo available since the addition of a preview build of Gran Turismo HD.

    The final version of Heavenly Sword is set to hit stores this September, making it one of the first of the big wave of first-party titles slated for the PS3 for the holiday season.

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