Lower price sparks PS3 sales to jump 135%

  • Culver City (CA) - Based on "preliminary internal data", Sony says that PS3 sales rose by 135% in the first two weeks following the $100 cut on existing PS3 units.

    Sony announced the new price right before the big E3 Media & Business Summit two weeks ago on July 9.  The company says that during the first 14 days after the price fell to $500, PS3 sales were 135% higher than the two weeks before the announcement.

    Total Playstation software went up 15% during the same period, and peripheral sales rose by 60%, according to Sony.

    It was revealed soon after the pre-E3 announcement that the price drop was just a way to get rid of existing inventory.  Sony plans to replace all consoles on store shelves with an 80 GB model priced at $600.  That's the price that used to belong to the 60 GB unit.

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