EA goes bowling for The Sims in new iPod game

  • Los Angeles (CA) - The Sims Bowling has made its way to the iPod, adding to a list of games that has seen very few updates over the past several months.

    The Sims Bowling lets players control a quintessential Sims character through a handful of bowling games and mini-games.  There are also several upgradeable items like new balls and apparel.

    As one of few publishers that have contributed to the iPod games store, EA is the most prolific with Sudoku, Royal Tetris, Mini Golf, and Mahjong.

    The Sims Bowling has a turn-based multiplayer option, and the ability to listen to iPod tracks instead of the built-in game soundtrack.

    It's available today for around $5, the same price as all other EA iPod games.

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