Blade Runner slated for massive five-disc Blu-ray, HD DVD release

  • Las Vegas (NV) - Warner Home Video's release of Blade Runner on the two high definition formats will set a record for the amount of content packed into a single movie title.

    At this week's Home Media Expo in Las Vegas, Warner announced that the Blu-ray and HD DVD versions of the movie will include several different cuts of the film, including a special 25th anniversary edition.

    The total scope of bonus content is still a mystery, but with five discs easily housing over 100 GB of content, it's the most capacity that has ever been seen for a movie on any format.

    The 1982 cult classic will also be coming out to standard DVD as part of the movie's 25th anniversary.

    All three versions of the re-issued film are scheduled for a tentative October release date.

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