Peter Moore steps aside from Microsoft to join EA

  • Redwood City (CA) - With just enough time to finish unpacking his bags from E3, Microsoft's Peter Moore has jumped from the Xbox team to Electronic Arts, where he will serve as EA Sports President.

    Peter Moore will leave Microsoft as the corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business, the division that oversees the Xbox.  In a complete 180 degree turn, Moore will be replaced by Don Mattrick, a former Electronic Arts President.  Mattrick is currently an external adviser to Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division.

    It was less than a week ago that we saw Moore up on stage at Microsoft's E3 press conference, talking it up about the new and great Xbox 360 games in the pipeline.

    The industry's most prolific executive company hopper, Peter Moore was COO of Sega of America during the Dreamcast days, and jumped ship when the console failed to join Microsoft in 2003.  That has now ended up being less than a four year gig.  Prior to Sega, Moore held an executive position at Reebok.

    The executive switch between Microsoft and EA will be effective on July 30.

    "While Peter will certainly be missed, we are delighted to have one of the industry's most talented and passionate veterans on board to lead the business," said Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division President Robbie Bach.  EA CEO John Riccitello expressed his feelings by saying, "As a partner at Microsoft and earlier, as a competitor, we’ve learned to respect his vision and leadership."

    All that's left to wonder now is what Moore will do with his tattoos of Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV.