Japan to get more colors for slim PSP

  • Tokyo (Japan) - Rose pink, lavender purple, and felicia blue will all be available options for the new PSP when it makes its debut in Japan.

    The three colors will be in addition to the piano black, ceramic white, and ice silver versions that will be available in the US (the ceramic white version will be part of the Star Wars bundle package).

    Though the announcement came in the US at E3, the North American market does not have a solid release date yet.  The Japanese division of Sony today confirmed the new model will be available in Japan on September 20.  It will be available for 19,800 yen (approximately $160), compared to around $200 for the US model.

    Another exclusive for Japan is a PSP TV tuner, designed specifically to fit with the sleek handheld.  It will come out on September 13 at a price of 6980 yen (approximately $57).

    The new colors are obviously targeted to the female audience.  Sony has been more daring with these colors in non-US markets.  For example, a pink PS2 came out last year in the UK.

    The Japanese market was peppered with new colors for the original model of the PSP, including pink, with the US only receiving the single "piano black" color.