Disney goes all out for Blu-ray tour

  • Burbank (CA) - As one of the biggest content supporters for Blu-ray, Disney will be kicking off a multi-million dollar promotional tour for the high definition format.

    Disney will set up mall kiosks in 18 cities across the country, showing off new and upcoming Blu-ray movies.  It's a move that Disney hopes will educate non-enthusiast customers about the Sony-fronted format.  In addition to interactive demo stations, the kiosks will show presentations of select videos every hour.

    While several hardware and content providers are hedging their bets between the two formats, including Warner, Panasonic and Toshiba, Disney has already shown extremely strong devotion to Blu-ray.

    Future Disney titles are expected to include exclusive interactive games that take of Blu-ray technology, new special features, and digitally restored versions of classic animated and feature films.

    Disney's Magical Blu-ray Tour will begin on August 17 in Canoga Park, CA, and continue through the holiday season across 17 other cities, including San Francisco, Portland, OR, Seattle, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Houston.

    The entire tour schedule can be seen at Blu-ray.com