Mario Party 8 recalled in UK over offensive language

  • London (England) - In a very unusual circumstance for Nintendo, the company's UK division has recalled all copies of Mario Party 8 because of an offensive word that can be found in the game.

    Nintendo of Europe did not say what the exact reason for the recall was, but CVG Online reports it was because the game used the word "spastic".  Just a couple weeks ago, Ubisoft had to pull its game from store shelves because of an outrage over its use of the same word.

    UK gamers had already seen a number of delays for Mario Party 8 and was finally released on July 13.  Nintendo blames the problem on a "wrong version" of the title making its way to retail.

    "Unfortunately we have discovered that a small number of games contain the wrong version of the disk due to an assembly error. We have therefore decided to recall all copies of the game from UK retailers so that this mistake can be corrected," said Nintendo in an official statement.

    Nintendo has put an indefinite hold on the game until it fixes this issue.