PS3 is "ideal" for Unreal Torunament mods, says Epic Games producer

  • Santa Monica (CA) - The Xbox 360 may have a robust online community, but the PS3 is more attractive for developers, according to Epic Games's lead producer Jeff Morris.

    We went through a demo of Unreal Tournament III with Morris and got a fairly good glimpse at what this guerrilla warfare title will bring to the PS3 when it comes out in November.

    In just a quick 15-minute demonstration, we saw five different vehicles, including a hovercraft, a massive tank, and an orb-like device that moves with autonomous claws on the ground (kind of like Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2).

    Over 40 maps, 14 death match maps, and 16 vehicles will grace the new Sci-Fi shooter game.  We saw alternating gameplay sequences between the PC and PS3, and the PC version looked just a little bit crisper.

    There's really no reason to knock the PS3 build we saw, though.  Real-time physics were implemented everywhere, from environmental elements to characters' clothing.  It was also cool to see a defensive plasma-type "box" that players could run into.  Shots fired through the box would move in slow motion, giving players a Matrix-style defense.

    Of course, Unreal Tournament has lived for quite a while mainly on the PC.  With custom mods and constantly circulating game additions, it was a system that previously could not have fully worked on a console.  The PS3 is the best platform to bring that stuff out of the PC realm, according to Morris.

    We could tell right away that the game was really tailored for the PS3, even though an Xbox 360 version is slated for next year.  For example, a new hoverboard is controlled using the controller's motion sensitive Sixaxis technology, and allows the character to move at twice the speed of foot travel.

    "I don't even know how we'll do mods on the Xbox," said Morris.  He said the PS3 online network is very developer-friendly.  Mods could even be downloaded directly from the PS3 via the Internet browser, or brought over from a PC by way of a Memory Stick.  Xbox Live has a very closed system, and takes around two weeks for a developer to get a new piece of content on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    This week we also saw a couple PS3 games coming out from independent developers.  It gives hope that game creators are now fully starting to understand the infrastructure behind the PS3.