E3 2007 VIDEO: Part movie, part game – Sony’s Heavenly Sword

  • Culver City (CA) – Sony showed off a trailer of its upcoming “Heavenly Sword” game for the PlayStation 3 and dubbed it part movie, part video game.  The detailed trailer showed a fiery red-head named Nariko who kills her enemies with a divine sword – but there’s a catch.

    Since the sword wasn’t meant for mere mortals, it slowly drains the life out of her and will eventually kill anyone who holds it.  Nariko fights alongside her adopted little sister Kai, who prefers to kill people with a crossbow.

    Video taken from the Sony Press Briefing at the Culver City studios

    The games developers say players will be able to battle “thousands” of enemies at a time, each with their own AI routines.

    Heavenly Sword will be available in fall 2007.

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