Disney to rent movies through Xbox Live

  • Santa Monica (CA) – Microsoft and Disney have partnered up to offer rentable movies through Xbox Live.  The movies, which will include films from Miramax and Touchstone Pictures, will be available in high-definition formats and will “self-destruct” after a certain number of days.

    Xbox Live users can rent the movies through a point system with HD movies costing 480 points while a standard definition movie will cost 320 points.  A 1600 point card will cost about $20 dollars.

    The best quality movies will be available in 720P resolutions and 5.1 channel surround sound.  Unfortunately, the movies will be locked to the console and cannot be transferred to another player or computer.  In addition, they will stop playing 14 days after the download or 24 hours after the first viewing, whatever comes first.

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