E3 2007 VIDEO: Nintendo brings back the Light Gun

  • Santa Monica (CA) – Nintendo unveiled a new gun-like housing for the Wii remote at its E3 2007 press briefing in Santa Monica today.  Vaguely resembling the company’s signature lightgun from the original Nintendo console days, the Wii Zapper will combine the remote and nunchuck into a single gun.

    Nintendo had a video demonstration of the gun with Resident Evil: Umbrella.  Players fire at the screen like a regular gun and reload by “cocking” the gun upwards and away from the screen.  Nintendo execs called the Zapper “evolutionary and revolutionary”, adding that it's more fun to “zap a zombie” than wacking a mole.

    Video from the Nintendo Press Briefing

    Nintendo is also announcing that the Zapper will work with the upcoming Medal of Honor for the Wii and that special Zapper-only moves will be integrated into the game.

    The Zapper will be available later this year for a pretty low price.  Its MSRP will be approximately $20, but remember this is only a plastic housing for your Wii remote and nunchuck controls.

    Nintendo also announced the Wii Wheel, which is a steering wheel housing for the remote.  According to executives, the wheel allows newbies to keep up with veteran players in racing games like the upcoming Mario Kart game.