Xbox 360 Elite gets Japan-bound

  • Tokyo (Japan) - The pumped up, HDMI compatible Xbox 360 is making its way to Japan.

    The Xbox 360 Elite launched in the US on April 29, adding to two existing versions of the console.  In addition a black paint job over the standard white color, the Elite tripled the 360's HDD space, packing in 120 GB.  It also added an HDMI output for the highest high definition audio/video support.

    The Xbox has been a tough sell for the Japanese crowd from day one.  The only console in recent memory to originate from the US, the Xbox and Xbox 360 have lagged in sales behind its competitors.

    The Japanese version of the new system will debut on October 11 and sell for 47,800 yen ($390), compared to the US MSRP of around $480, reports Reuters.

    Last month, about 17,500 Xbox 360 consoles were sold in Japan, compared to 41,500 PS3 units and 270,000 Wii systems.