DS to get a digital camera

  • Kyoto (Japan) - Nintendo has announced that it is working on a camera peripheral for the Nintendo DS, with a flagship game designed to help improve skin quality.

    The camera will come with a game titled "Face Training", which will take users through various face exercises.  The game will prompt users to go through various facial gestures designed to help make their skin more elastic, reports Wired.

    Similar to Brain Age, Face Training was developed with the help of an expert, Fumiko Inudo.  She is reportedly a leading authority in the art of "facening" sciences.

    The camera plugs into the GBA cartridge slot on the DS.  It's the first official camera peripheral for Nintendo since the Game Boy Camera, which came out in 1998.

    At the moment, though, it's only slated for a Japan launch.  Face Training will be released there in the beginning of August.