Missile Command shoots to next-gen on Xbox Live Arcade

  • New York (NY) - Another one of the gems from Atari's arcade days, Missile Command, will make its way to the Xbox 360 as part of this week's Xbox Live Arcade update.

    The 1980 game will be revitalized with high definition graphics of up to 1080p resolution.  The classic will also add exclusive Xbox 360 support for online leaderboards and a total of 12 Xbox Achievements.

    As has become common with recent additions to the XBLA service, Atari will package both the original arcade version as well as a new enhanced version as part of the game download.  The enhanced game will dole out the extra Xbox 360 features, as well as enter a new 3D arena in which to play.

    The game will be available to download this Wednesday, at a sticker price of 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

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