Integrated voice chat coming to World of Warcraft

  • Irvine (CA) – World of Warcraft players will finally be getting integrated voice chat.  On the official Blizzard World of Warcraft forums, company officials have said that voice chat will be added to the 2.2.0 patch and will undergo testing on the player test realms.

    Currently hard-core World of Warcraft players use third-party programs like Team Speak and Ventrillo to speak and coordinate teams.  Speech can make a huge difference in some cases like player versus player fighting and complicated dungeons.

    Some players are concerned that voice chat could lead to discrimination in picking groups and have created a huge 18 page message thread titled “Just say NO to voice chat” on the forums.  You can read that thread here.  Those players believe that groups could exclude members if they refuse to use voice chat.

    But Blizzard employees say this is nonsense and stress that voice chat will be “strictly voluntary”.  Nethaera, one of the Blizzard moderators, said, “The choice to use or not use this new feature falls strictly to each individual and what works best for them. If a group chooses to force you to join the Voice Chat, you can choose not to join them.”

    Of course it could be shocking when the voice of that sweet female Night Elf that you are grouped with comes back in a manly Alabama drawl.