PSP gets its own Brain Age

  • Chicago (IL) – It has taken some time, but PSP owners have access to a game that follows that concept of Brain Age – a game that opened up the competing Nintendo DS portable game console to new groups of gamers beyond the traditional teenage crowd.

    “Fire up your mind with Hot Brain, a game that engages the mind through a series of puzzles and challenges designed to raise the activity and temperature of your brain.” If you own a Nintendo DS, this game description may sound very familiar to you. But we are not talking about “Brain Age”, but rather about “Hot Brain”, a title that closely resembles the idea of the Nintendo DS title, which was first released in the U.S. in April 2006.

    Hot Brain is described to be a “mind-bending puzzle game” that aims to “stimulate the brain with a series of quizzes focusing on different categories such as math and language.” According to the developer Midway, the game includes five categories that test logic, memory, math, language and concentration.

    Hot Brain sells for about $30.

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