Wii hits five-month streak with May hardware sales

  • Port Washington (NY) - The Wii steamrolled its way into first place again last month, selling more units than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

    NPD reports that around 338,000 Wii consoles were sold last month.  The Xbox 360 added 155,000 units to its tally, while the PS3 remained in third place with 82,000.  It's the same ranking that has been seen every month so far this year.

    On the portable console front, Nintendo outsold Sony by nearly two-to-one.  423,000 DS units were sold, compared to 221,000 PSPs.

    Pokemon Diamond took the top spot in the game sales charts for May, for the second month in a row.  The new Mario Party 8 Wii title took second.  Spider-Man 3 for the PS2 came in at #3 and was the only non-Nintendo title to make the top five, which was rounded out by Pokemon Pearl and Wii Play.

    With its one year head start, the Xbox 360 remains the top-selling next-gen console in terms of lifetime sales.  Around 11 million 360 units have been sold since its 2005 introduction, compared to around 7.6 million Wii consoles and 3.3 million PS3s.

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