New America's Army game slated for exclusive Xbox 360 release

  • San Francisco (CA) - The Army simulation series is heading to a high definition platform for the first time, with exclusivity going to the Xbox 360.

    America's Army: True Soldiers will include eight maps for players to experience combat.  It's the only war simulation franchise in which the United States Army is actually involved in the development process.  The series is known for its realistic human element, including a robust teamwork component and rewarding users for following the rules of engagement.

    Xbox Live will allow people to compete against and cooperate with armchair soldiers from across the world.  Upgraded weaponry, advanced graphics, and more immersing online features will make True Soldiers a few steps above the last console installment, Rise of a Soldier, which was released on both the Xbox and PS2.

    The game is slated for a release in September of this year.

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