Tomb Raider: Anniversary now in stores

  • London (England) - Celebrating the 10-year run of the adventure series, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is now available for the PC and Playstation 2.

    The game is an expanded remake of the original PC title from October 1996, with updated physics and more extensive areas to explore.  The uncomparable vixen Lara Croft has also received a makeover from her original blocky character model from the last decade.

    Eidos CEO Bill Gardner called the anniversary title a "fan-inspired celebration bridging Lara Croft's groundbreaking past with a revived passion for new adventures and technical advancements."

    Over the past 10 years, Tomb Raider has appeared on over 20 different formats, including a DVD Video game.  It also inspired two theatrical motion pictures, as well as amusement park rides in Ohio and Canada.

    Tomb Raider: Anniversary will also debut on the PSP later this month, with a Wii version to follow in the fall.