Massively multiplayer online dance game reaches 100K users

  • Los Angeles (CA) - The first computer game to call itself a "massively multiplayer online dance" title has reached the 100,000 user milestone, according to the game's publisher Nexon.

    Audition is a free Dance Dance Revolution-inspired game that moves beyond stale rhythm-based controls and puts a virtual world in the foreground.

    Gamers can set up avatars and purchase customization options from in-game stores.  They can then take their character into a dance-off competition with any of the other characters roaming around the digital land.

    PC dance games have typically not caught a lot of attention, mainly because the dance pad required for the actual "dancing" experience does not fit in well with most PC set-ups.  In spite of that, the genre has popped up on exclusive titles for computers, as well as handheld gaming systems, mobile phones, and PDAs.