Blu-ray Pirates defeats HD DVD Matrix

  • Columbus (OH) - Last week saw the HD DVD release of The Matrix and the Blu-ray release of Pirates of the Caribbean, each one of the most anticipated titles for their respective format.  The two Pirates movies combined sold more than three times HD DVD's Matrix.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's chest took the top two spots on the hi-def DVD sales charts last week, according to Hollywood Reporter.

    Two different versions of the HD DVD Matrix box set, priced at around $100 and $120, sold a combined 13,900 units.  The pair of pirate flicks crushed that number, with combined unit sales of over 47,000 last week.

    In terms of gross revenue, though, the gap is much smaller.  Because the two Pirates movies are priced at around $30 each, actual dollar sales between the two competing titles are neck and neck.

    The Matrix was the best-selling HD DVD title last week, among a lackluster list of other new titles.  It will be making a Blu-ray debut later this year, according to statements made by a Warner Bros representative earlier this year.  Disney, however, has no plans to bring any of the Pirates movies to HD DVD, due to a strong commitment to Sony's Blu-ray format.