Xbox Live Arcade's Geometry Wars slated for Wii, DS

  • Reading (England) - Geometry Wars, a game designed exclusively for the Xbox 360's online distribution platform, is making its way to Nintendo on both the Wii and DS.

    Geometry Wars: Galaxies was retooled from the arcade title on the Xbox Live Arcade to incorporate the Wii's motion sensing control as well as the Nunchuk attachment.  The same goes for the DS and its touchscreen control, says developer Sierra Entertainment.

    Though it won't have online multiplayer on the Wii, users will be able to upload high scores to a global leaderboard.  It's also the second title confirmed to have Wii/DS connectivity, allowing players to unlock bonus content if they link up both versions of the game.  Pokemon Battle Revolution will be the first Wii game to make use of this technology when it's released on June 25.

    Though it was created specifically for the Xbox Live Arcade, Sierra and parent company Vivendi Games did not commit to any sort of exclusivity with the Microsoft platform.